We bring both farmers and the urban people together so that they could partner and take up agriculture. In this engagement, all the capital needed for farming is provided by the urban people and the work is done by the rural farmer. We, I Support Farming YAAFT(Yuva Ashoka Agrotech Farming Private Limited  ) act as the facilitator and moderator of this engagement. At the end of cropping, the farming profits are shared between the farmer, the urban investor and I Support farming , YAAFT thus resulting in a win-win-win situation.


1. Higher returns when compared to a fixed deposit. A normal fixed deposit will give you a return of 6 to 7% per annum, while farming gives you a return of 15% per crop which is 45% annually.
2. Less riskier when compared to stock market.  Even if you incur a loss in one season in cropping, other seasons will compensate.


One of the main challenges faced by the small farmers in the rural areas is lack of working capital.  Farmers do not have the money to carryout agricultural activities. As a result, they leave their lands fallow and give up agriculture. After giving up agriculture, they opt to take up other jobs by moving into cities or become labourers in farms of big farmers or in the private sector. I Support Farming addresses the capital needs of the farmers and promotes agriculture by getting support from the urban society.


1. Availability of Working capital to the farmer so that he/she continues to do farming.
2. A minimum guaranteed return for the efforts put in by the farmer. This minimum guaranteed amount will be almost equal to the land lease prevailing in the area.
3. Share on profit – Apart from the guaranteed return, the farmer also gets a share on the profit. This profit share model motivates the farmer to perform better and produce more yield.
4. Good returns for the farmers without any investment. In short, the farmer is de-risked completely.


1. We act as the bridge between the farmer and the urban investor.2. We take care of all the monitoring and facilitating activities on behalf of the urban investor by deploying field officers and technical experts to make sure that the farming is done in a proper manner.3. For these activities, we charge you a service fee, normally 10 to 20% of the total farming cost and we also get a share on the overall profit of the farming.